December 30th, 2009

THE Biggest, Baddest Clean Tech Calender in Boston: Meetups, Events, Conferences


For Christmas, I want to share with you all that Boston’s clean tech community has to offer. So, I compiled a list of all of Boston’s clean tech meetups, tweetups, events, conferences and other items where you can go to learn and meet with industry professionals. I have been going to these meetings for a couple years now and they’re great.

You can find all the events in the Events Section of The Green Light Distrikt and also by following @theGLDistrikt on twitter. Please let me know if you find something I haven’t, and how the events go.

My advice, try and bunch find the ones you like and keep going. Good things are bound to happen. If I’ve missed anything. Please let me know. Enjoy! I look forward to seeing you around.

As the year ends The Green Light Distrikt has been going through some changes and now we have a new more focused vision. It’s been great starting the blog, thank you for everyone who has supported me and reached out.

Going into the new years there is a ton of new stuff happening that will make GLD much more exciting and useful for you.

  1. Now we have a calender of events!
  2. The blog has a new focus. It will be a central place to track all things Boston + Clean Tech + Innovation + Entrepreneurship for current industry professionals and newbies. I’ve finally found a niche that is currently not served. It took a little while but I’m glad how its developed. At first, the blog was simply going to be about interviews I did with industry professionals. Then I began to receive a lot of requests from people outside the industry looking for information, so I changed to accommodate them. Then I received an email from BostInnovation to write for them and I realized that there is currently no central place to keep up to date on clean tech in Boston. Some sites have news, or events, but none compile the whole package.
  3. A new look. With a new focus, I will be revamping the layout and look of the site. Stay tuned!
  4. Resources will be gathered. In addition to events, there are numerous resources available to those interested in clean technology in Boston. I plan to compile this information and make it public. It will be useful both to current industry professionals and those looking to enter the industry. If you need any resources let me know.
  5. Industry Insiders. There is too much going on in Boston for me to keep track of it all. I have started to gather a group of writers that will be contributing to The Green Light Distrikt about what they are working on. These will not be journalists, they will be professionals who are working in the industry and writing about what they are seeing and learning. Slight difference, but I feel it will have a huge impact on the feel of the information. We will have insiders for each section of clean tech; renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building, venture capital and so fourth.
  6. New Years survey. New week I’ll be creating and posting a survey to get an idea of A) the profile you, the people reading the blog B) What you’re interested in learning about and C) Resources that might be useful for you.
  7. Syndication. In less then 6 weeks from creating the blog I have began to syndicate content with BostInnovation, NEXUS Green Building Resource Center, and Solar Feeds. In the new year, I plan to increase this number and approach Huffington Post, Tree Hugger, and Clean Techies and began sharing the great things we’re doing here in Boston!

Happy New Year!

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