March 15th, 2010

The VegaWatt: A $0 BILLION Dollar Waste to Power Invention


Last month I had a phone interview with James Peret, the inventor of the VegaWatt. In the first part of the audio interview we talked about their ideal customers and industry landscape. Currently, the VegaWatt has a little to no competition in the restaurant industry or even in the micro waste to power industry. Any restaurant that makes more then 30 gallons of grease per month is a perfect customer and there are no other current or feasible more profitable ways for them to get rid of their waste.

In this section James discusses why the VegaWatt is a billion dollar opportunity as there are more then 13,000 restaurants in the United States, then you can easily add all the ones in Canada, and Europe to that number and it becomes clear how the VegaWatt is going to be a seriously profitable invention. James is clearly a small, thoughtful, well spoken and amazing inventor. Not only will it be profitable, but it also has a huge environmental and social benefit.

Have fun listening to our discussion!

The $O Billion Dollar Opportunity

In the discussion we talked about:

-Why getting into every McDonalds is not the Vegawatt’s goal

-The number of  us restaurants and how this is a billion dollar opportunity

-The greatest societal benefit is making mom and pops shops more profitable

-How the VegaWatt is an equivalent is increasing revenues by 25% and how that vastly helps local shops


On a scale from 0 to 10, how awesome do you think to the VegaWatt is?

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