March 21st, 2010

9 of Boston’s Best Clean Tech Events


Nothing is more valuable then meeting some face to face. I’ve been going to clean tech events in Boston and they’ve been very valuable for meeting people, learning what’s happening, and getting new perspective.

The new vision for The Green Light Distrikt has become clear in the past few weeks: to unite the clean tech community in Boston. In support of this, may I say noble goal, I’m going to start writing a series of posts about the resources in the Boston area and create a section on the sidebar so you’ll be able to find them easily in the future. You’re welcome :)

This is a list of my favorite events, in no particular order. If you’re going to go, connect with me via twitter @greenldistrikt and we can connect there. I look forward to it!

  • RaaB Restructuring Round table: The restructuring round table is a quarterly event that was started in the 1990s to explore what would be happening in the energy industry after deregulation. The best way to keep up to date is to go to the site and sign up for their newsletter. It takes place on Friday mornings from 9am to 2pm and is always worth it. They always get amazing speakers and you’re sure to learn something new.
  • Clean Tech Kingpins: Clean tech kingpins is hosted by yours truly. The first event will be on April 20th at 6pm. We’re having the CEOs of Harvest Power, Wakonda Technologies, New Generation Energy and VP of Business Development at Nexamp speak about their companies, their successes, challenges, and future insights into the industry. There will also be ample time for questions and answers. So, if you have any burning questions for any of these guys please come! Clean Tech Kingpins will be a regular event that will highlight Boston’s most innovative companies and bring together the young professionals currently working in the industry who will be leading it in the future
  • Ignite Clean Energy Competition: Otherwise known as ICE is hosted through the MIT Enterprise Forum. ICE holds a yearly business plan competition for early stage clean tech companies. The cool part is they also have a series of great events and make it really easy for others to get involved. Looking for some inspiration or a company to get involve with? ICE is the place for you.
  • Boston Sustainability Group: One of the best, but least known about groups in Boston. Boston Sustainability Group could be considered underground. We meet at The House of Blues for a couple hours, every couple of months. There’s always great speakers and the attendants are normally the whose who of the Boston CSR industry. You need to RSVP and there’s only a small capacity. If you’re interested, connect via twitter @greenldistrikt and I’ll forward you to email so you can RSVP. I don’t feel comfortable giving out people’s email via the blog.
  • MIT Energy Club: The MIT Energy Club hosts some great event themselves and also have a great calender with other events going on. I noticed the events tend to have more of a technical perspective. If you’re technical, this will be perfect for you. If you’re not, it will be good for you to learn some of the mum-bo-jumbo.
  • Young Professionals in Energy: Known as YPE, this is a national organization with local chapters. The Boston chapter is great, tons of events, they’ve done plant tours in the past. One of the best parts is that there is some formal organization, so things get done really well. I’ve found YPE to be great to connect with people already in the industry.
  • NEXUS Green Building Resource Center: NEXUS is hands down THE BEST place to learn about green building in Boston. They have samples, a resource library, experts on staff. They have green building events running constantly, so if you’re interested in the industry check out their calendar.
  • Green Drinks: Green Drinks is very informal, yet very fun event of those interest in the ‘green’ industry and those working in it. The events are held bi monthly are a great time.Keep up to date by following @greendrinkBOS and watching the Green Drinks eventbrite page, you can also join the mailing list here.
  • Net Impact: Net impact’s tag line is “a global network of leaders who are changing the world through business’ and the Boston chapter is no different. Keep in mind there are many student chapters across Boston, but only one professional chapter. You must join the organization to be able to come to the events but they’re well worth it. Net impact tends to attract more of a CSR crowd, but I’ve also met some great people that work in consulting, marketing and many other places. If you want to get tapped into the leaders of the Boston CSR industry, this is the place.

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  • Helen Fairman


    Don’t forget about Clean Economy Network (formerly Renewable Energy Business Network)! Free events in Boston and 16 other locations across North America. Over 30,000 members on LinkedIn. Next event is a green tour of Fenway in late April (unfortunately already full – join the Boston chapter now to find out early about the next event, usually every 6 weeks or so). Check it out at

  • Chris Williams


    Thank you for the reminder! I’ve joined the group and can’t wait to go to the next event!