April 12th, 2010

What Would It Take For Governments to Ban CO2?


Recently, an ice shelf on the cold side of Antarctica melted and fell into the ocean. This is not a new occurrence, a couple years ago a smaller, but still large piece of ice fell into ocean. Also, communities in Alaska are also being challenged and destroyed due to permafrost melting. So, its not like serious consequence are already not happening from climate disruption (note: notice I use the climate disruption and not change) it just seems like they’re not big enough yet.

So, here’s the question: What would it take for governments to Ban CO2?

Here’s a more interesting question, if it is banned what will the ban look like? Everything can’t be banned at once due to our strong reliance on gasoline. Maybe just coal power plants, and any automobiles with one person driving in them.

What do you think?

With more ice expected to melt, will sea levels need to rise 5 foot causing hundreds of millions of people be a large enough of a demonstration?

Knowledge Doesn’t Always Change Action

What troubles me is that knowledge doesn’t always mean that action will be changed. Here the example that always sticks in my head. Everyone knows that McDonalds is the most disgusting, unhealthy, nasty, greasy food in the world. But people still eat it!

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