November 3rd, 2010

My 15 Favorite Insider Green Blogs (And You Pick the 16th)


If you’re like me, and you really love this stuff, “green” stuff that is, you’re always looking for great information sources. Places where you can find little bits of news and insights about a particle region, industry, company, interview or new trends that’s totally, completely AWESOME but that’s not going to make it on the mainstream news. This is my list of those source.

I call them my green brain food. What’s your brain food?

As you’re reading, if you remember that you have some specific pieces of brain food that are totally awesome, but that I didn’t include or that I don’t know, PLEASE share them with everyone in comments section.

My Green Brain Food

The Green Skeptic -  The Green Skeptic is run by Scott Edward Anderson. Scott’s the founder of Verde Strategy and has worked with Ashoka and The Nature Conservancy. What I love about Scott’s blog is its clear he’s into the “mission”. That is, using business to decrease our impact on the environment. However, it’s also clear by the name “green skeptic” that he’s constantly questioning and challenging how we’re trying to accomplish the mission so it’s done the most effectively. This leads to great content.

Alt Energy Stocks – If you’re every curious on how to invest responsibility and put your money where you mouth is, this is the place. With tons of categories, it’s written very conversationally and on interesting subjects. September 10th’s post was on ‘The Best Peak Oil Investments: Bicycle and Scooter Stocks‘. If that is not AWESOME, then I don’t know what is.

Clean Energy Future by Arno Harris – CEO of Recurrent Energy, the second largest PV developer in the country. Arno is developing large scale solar projects for utilities and large energy customers. I love Arno’s blog because he discusses and explores the latest trends, business models and opportunities in renewable energy and does so in a new BS kind of way. He doesn’t care what technology might be available in 5 years, he’s all about using current technologies to speed up deployment.

Joel Makower: Two Steps Forward – Joel is most well known for being co-founder of Greener World Media, Inc which is a powerhouse in the green media world, publisher of many sites and events. He’s also co-founder of Clean Edge ,Inc and many more items. What I enjoy most about Joel’s blog is his reflections on what is currently happening in the government and corporate sectors as they pertain to mainstreaming green practices.

Renewable Energy Law Blog – Is about just that, how law is intermingling with the renewable energy industry. Basically, a group of lawyers from Vermont got together, aggregate news about renewable energy development and comment on it from a legal perspective. Now that renewable energy is becoming big business, law has a ever more increasing role.

Cleantech Blog – A very simple and straightforward blog layout (key that you’re gettin’ the good stuff) cleantech blog was started way back in 2005 when ‘cleantech’ was barely a term (which is obviously why they were able to get the URL!) Cleantech blog is host to many seasoned industry professionals that share what they’re seeing and learning in the industry. Also, check out their awesome linkedin group, its one of the best. Cleantech Blog has been a personal inspiration for me every since I got into the industry 3 years ago, the commentary is always insightful, inspiring, and brings up point you’d never find in a newspaper.

Cleantech Venture Capital – Insider Report – I just found out about this last month, I love it. I love how he uses the term ‘insider’ just like us here at GLD! Aaron is a cleantech VC based in California. His blog reads like a comedians take on cleantech in the sense that he shares a lot of small observations that he notices in every day life.

Williams Brent’s Search for Cleantech – Williams Brent is a PR and IR professional with a history in media and entrepreneurship and has spent a fair amount of time in China. I most enjoy his perspective on China as well as his ability to tie together many sides of the current debate on GHG regulation, the branding of ‘green’, and the industry in California.

Cleantech Investing – Hosted on Greentech Media but written by Rob Day, a Boston based VC. What I love about Rob’s blog is the day-to-day feel of his writing. After reading a couple posts you feel like you’ve been following Rob around on his shoulder for the past couple weeks. Rob’s posts tend to be on the longer side, but always provide interesting insights into the front lines of cleantech venture development.

Thinking Past Carbon – I first started following Tom Rand after I saw a TED talk he gave at TEDx Toronto. I’ve enjoyed Tom’s perspective because he has both an investors and entrepreneurs mentality. He provides great commentary on the interplay between policy and entrepreneurship and an international perspective that will be needed in solving the problem.

Green Car Congress – Sometimes dull, the best blog I’ve found on green cars and transportation.

Marc Gunther – Marc is one of the journalists I really like in cleantech. He is a featured blogger for The Energy Collective and has written a few books.

Clean Break – Tyler is the second cleantech journalist I like! He writes from the Toronoto Star and this blog is his personal account of what he’s working on. He provides a great perspective of what’s happening with our neighbors to the north, a perspective I rarely hear about in the states.

Venturing Fourth – The blog of Boston VC Jon Karlen. Jon writes about the overlap of energy and IT, an area that I think is where the next wave of investments will be going. I just learned about this blog a week ago and I really like it. Jon doesn’t write frequently, but when he does its great. Its typically a reflection and learning from something he’s working on.

What Have I Missed?

I shared this list to because I wanted to see what I was missing. If I’ve missed any amazing writers or insiders, please share below. What are your favorite blogs that related to environmentalism, cleantech, social change that inspire you or bring your new perspectives?!

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  • Aaron Lindenbaum

    My fav online news sites for cleantech aren’t necessarily blogs. But they are all really informative, fun to read, and usually have great images:

    Fast Company – They don’t have a dedicated site or blog per say, but Ariel Schwartz is my favorite contributor on cleantech

    I also like Cleantechnica. It’s puuurdy.

    For green transportation, you’ve got to check Wired’s Autopia first – . ‘Nuff said. Then Matter Network also has a really strong transportation section –

    Earth2Tech might be the most informative of them all.

    Again, these aren’t true blogs per say, but still great places to find news online. The only blog I check regularly? The Green Light Distrikt! Duh!!

  • Anonymous

    wheres the solarfeeds love?

  • Chris Williams

    I do love the solar feeds. However, they’re an aggregator and mainly focus on news stories i.e. it tends to be journalists who are writing the stories and not people working in the industry. Am I wrong with this assumption?

  • Chris Williams


    Awesome recommendations! The classic news are great, however, I really like your Fast Compnay and Wired recommendations, those are completely new to me!


  • greenskeptic

    Thank you, Chris, for your comments about my blog. Really appreciate it. And glad to be providing quality content.

  • Chris Williams

    ps – why the ‘anonymousness’ ?!

  • Chris Williams

    My pleasure, I very much enjoy your writing and perspective on the industry. How are things developing in Philadelphia?