November 4th, 2010

Goal of the First #Cleantechtech Meetup


A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Boston’s 1st cleantech + tech meetup, which for twitter purposes is now being called the #cleantechtech meetup.

At first, it was just an idea that came into my head that I wanted to see if people were interested in. It was just a hunch, but I’ve noticed there really is a need for this. It became clear when I read a comment to a recent post I wrote titled: Why Are There No 24 Year Old CEOs in Cleantech on The Energy Collective.

A comment came from Bennett Fisher @ Retroficiency and it went something like this:

Boston has a bunch of them, myself and Retroficiency being one.  The differnece that I think you hit on is that this industry requires skills beyond just coding that are learned from years of experience.  I have often said that it is ‘easy’ to find great energy engineers and great software people, but almost impossible to find an enery person with software experience or a software person with energy experience.  What that means is that us young CEO visionaries have to find both of those great people and then be the catalyst and to help them understand each other and work together.  Its being done, albeit not as quickly as Facebook, but stay tuned – great things are happening with the younger crowd in Boston.

What really stuck with me this:

I have often said that it is ‘easy’ to find great energy engineers and great software people, but almost impossible to find an enery person with software experience or a software person with energy experience.

#Cleantechtech Meetup Goal

To figure out specifically how we can create more meaningful interaction and collaboration between the cleantech and tech professionals and their respective communities.

Event Details

The eventbrite page is right here.But you don’t need to register to come, I just thought I’d be useful for people to connect.

Day: This Friday

Time: 5pm

Location: Tommy Doyle’s Pub

Here’s the thing, I didn’t reserve any space at Tommy Doyles. I’m just going to be hanging out there and wait for people to show up, so it’s going to be a little ghetto. You can see my photo in the “author” section of this post if you’re curious what I look like.

Collecting Your Ideas

I know during networking events it’s always impossible to talk with everyone, so I’m going to do it a little old school. I’ll have pieces of paper and will ask people three questions:

  • 1a) If you work in cleantech, what problems do you have that want to collaborate with someone from the tech community?
  • 1b) If you work in the tech sector, what problems or opportunities do you see that you want to work on with a cleantech person?
  • 2) What’s currently missing in the community to that is hindering collaboration?
  • 3) What can we do next month to start to fix these issues?

If you’re interested in this subject, but won’t be able to make it to the event please feel free to leave your insights in the comment section.

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  • Chris Williams

    You are correct, I surely need a proofreader, I’m a horrible writer!

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