April 18th, 2012

WORKSHOP: How to Make Money in Renewable Energy LIVE in Boston May 25th


On May 25th in Boston, I’ll be hosting a live seminar for companies that want to make money in the renewable energy industry.


This event has already happened, but we’re constantly adding courses and workshop to Green Light Distrikt University. Our 1 day Renewable Energy Workshop is similar to this meetup.

The seminar is for 4 specific groups

  1. Companies that are or want to be selling energy services to property owners and learn best practices for creating a rockstar sales machine.
  2. Companies that are developing new B2B products for renewable energy EPC contractors and need to get specific customer feedback, first sales, and access to distribution.
  3. Companies that need to build cleantech prototypes for investors or beta customers
  4. Companies that feel their future is in selling their services to the federal government

Here is who will be at the seminar and what they will be discussing.

Chris Williams – That’s me! I’ll be discussing best EPC best practices for creating new business, establish a referral business and making sure projects are profitable. The materials will be based from best practice research completed at HeatSpring. I’ll also be discussing what EPC contractors are looking for in terms of new products and service to help them with their business. This will be useful for companies looking to build products or services and sell directly to EPC contractors.

Ethan Labowitz – Ethan is the founder of the Boston Institute for Clean Energy Prototyping. He’s held workshops in the past and specializes in getting products built fast and much cheaper then private shops. If you need to build an actual physical product, Ethan is your man.

Ben Dunay - Ben is a former Air Force acquisition officer, and he has worked in the defense industry for ten years. Ben now runs bootcampus.com and teaches a course on selling clean energy to the government. He knows exactly how the Defense Department works and what cleantech companies need to do to be successful in the industry.

You can register here through HeatSpring for the event on May 25th. 

Background and Demand for the Event

6 Months ago, I created a free HeatSpring course called “How to Make Money in the Renewable Energy Industry”. It’s been a huge success with over 400 attendees.

The basics of the course were 1) technology overview 2) industry dynamics and 3) where the opportunities are.

The training was made for two main groups 1) career changers looking to quickly understand the new market and who want to jumpstart their learning and 2) new and existing contracting companies looking to expand into renewable energy but that need help learning the skills they needed, certifications, licenses, and typical installed costs and profits for solar and geothermal projects.

The reason I’ve decided to do a live seminar is that the level of interaction and ability to answer more specific questions in detail is difficult. Also, a lot of the advice is very nuanced and depends on the situation of the specific person and company, which again is not suited for online material well.

Here’s what’s expected from attendees

We do not want attendee that are going to sit and listen the whole time. We want you to tell us about your business and product in details, and ask good questions so we can help you. We need questions to be  asked, products to be displayed. The reason I chose the other instructors along with myself is that a lot of these areas overlap.

  • We want a lot of questions to be asked
  • We want to hear about the projects or products you’ve already created
  • We want to help you make introductions and establish relationships with other participants and people in the industry that can help grow your company.

Here is specifically we all of us (me, Ethan and Ben) want to share with you. 

  1. A technology overview. How solar PV, solar thermal and geothermal systems work. What is the basic design and installation concepts
  2. The skills a company needs to design and install these projects.
  3. Typical installed costs for these projects in New England and where you can buy equipment.
  4. The profile of the best customers for these services and best practices for profitable sales machines.
  5. Where is the opportunity for new products, tools and services for EPC contractors. What will EPC contractors PAY FOR that will help them with their business
  6. The most common mistakes companies make when prototyping cleantech products
  7. Best practices for prototyping
  8. The most common mistakes companies make when selling products to the federal  government
  9. Why the federal government is the LARGEST customer in the US for renewable energy services
  10. What a company needs to do to successfully and profitable sell to the government
  11. An overview of the govt’ RFP process

If you have any questions about the event, please leave a comment below, or feel free to call me at 617 702 2676. And yes, I prefer phone over email.

You can register here through HeatSpring for the event on May 25th.



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