Green Light Distrikt is written for an extremely small niche of professionals that are actively working on starting or building companies focused on the cleantech sector. Because we are writing for such a small but focused audience, our goal is to keep the community small but strong.

Green Light Distrikt University offers a number of (discounted) professional renewable energy certification courses for those who want to get in-depth training on a specific technology, workshops for students, young professionals, career changers and entrepreneurs looking for jobs or access to customers for new products, and introductory courses for people just getting started in renewable energy. 

Our content focuses on sharing hands-on, useful, field tested lessons learned about prototyping cleantech products, finding beta customers, making initial sales and understanding where opportunities are based on the legal and policy framework in different geographies.

Here’s what we like to talk about:

  • Finding the right customers, in the right markets for your service or product. Cleantech products tend to have extremely specific customers. It’s key you find out exactly who your customers are.
  • Building products quickly and cheaply. Cleantech is mostly different then software in that we’re building or
  • Sell products or services and making a profit.



Our writing is focused on entrepreneurs that are

  1. Expanding an existing business
  2. Building a new a company.

With the above two areas, we write about many elements in the business lifecycle.

  1. Opportunity evaluation based on customer demands, industry trends, and the legal and policy framework.
  2. Prototyping and Product Development. Both physical products and IT/software related products. What are the fastest and cheapest way to build cleantech products?
  3. Customer Development. What is the fastest and best way to find beta clients? Schedule site visits? Determine is one target market is better then others?
  4. Make Initial Sales and Streamlining Sales Channels.
  5. R+D vs Product Development vs. Project Development.

We focus on 7 technology areas.

  1. Geothermal Heat Pumps
  2. Solar PV and solar thermal
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Wind
  5. Transportation
  6. Green Building
  7. Smart Grid (the overlap of IT and energy)


The Green Light Distrikt was started by Chris Williams in 2009. Initially, it started as a personal blog, as more writers joined it quickly morphed into a blog about the Boston cleantech industry. Now, Green Light Distrikt is a blog dedicated to entreupreneurship in the cleantech industry in clusters across the globe. It’s edited by Chris Williams, that’s me, with frequent posts from industry insiders. Chris and the gang write about three things.

Green Light Distrikt Goals and Values

It’s pretty simple, we want what everyone else wants: We want 100% renewable energy. We don’t want to drink toxic water or breathe disgusting air. We’re actually really selfish. We don’t want clothes made from slaves or 13 year old children. We want to know that our food or clothes are not covered in carcinogens.

Here’s what make us different; we know that we’re part of the solution and we believe that building profitable companies are an important part of the solution. We’re creating the answers ourselves, but we can’t do it alone. We must collaborate, both to increase our influence and power but to sustain our passion and energy.

Green Light Distrikt will provide a place, both online and offline where entrepreneurs can share stories and learn from one another and form the long term friendships that will be needed to accelerate cleantech adoption.

Here are the principles that guide Green Light Distrikt.

  1. Friendship. We make friends, we don’t network. Networking focuses on the utilitarian benefit of a human relationship. We believe every relationship is valuable in and of itself.
  2. Online AND Offline Interaction. We believe in online AND offline interaction. Everyones gettin’ a little crazy about social media. It’s important, but nothing replaces real life, face to face interactions. We believe to unite the young community we need to form actual relationships but can nurture and maintain them while collaborating online. There are a lot of good blogs, and a lot of good events, but none that do them well together.
  3. Not News. We’re not journalists nor a news source. Journalists have their place, but they mainly write for the general public. We write for each other.
  4. Learning from Experts. Being young is cool, but we also know older mentors are invaluable and we have a lot to learn from them.
  5. Connecting Cleantech Hubs. We’ve starting Green Light Distrikts in multiple cities, so that we can share information between cities. Each city has its specialty that will be useful in the green world. We live in flat world. This means, you can’t be pigenholed in your own city but need to communicate and collaborating with thought leaders in other cities.


In early 2011 the first international cluster of GLD was founded in the London, UK. GLD UK is being driven forward by James Byrne and George Phillips, they are currently trying to build up traction in the UK and establish a regular event schedule based in London. If you are based in the UK please don’t hesitate to contact James or George through admin@thegreenlightdistrikt.co.uk

Green Light Distrikt Consulting

Green Light Distrikt is edited by me, Chris Williams. I provide consulting service to two types of companies. First, solar and geothermal EPC companies looking to streamline and improve their sales and marketing. Second, to new companies that are looking to build a product or service that sells to solar PV, solar thermal, or geothermal heat pump contractors. My work at HeatSpring has provided me many close relationships with solar and geothermal contractors, distributors and manufacturers.

Read more about Green Light Distrikt consulting services here.