Pam Cargill

Located in the SF Bay Area, Pamela Cargill is the principal "chaolyst" at Chaolysti and provides marketing and operations support to small and growing renewable energy companies and green brands. She writes about issues facing the solar industry, marketing best-practices, and shines a light on renewable energy at work in her travels. Her background is in solar energy system design and new media marketing. Since 2006, she has been helping small solar companies grow into successful operations. Since relocating to the SF Bay Area from the NorthEast, she has quickly become plugged in to the pulse of the renewable energy entrepreneurial community. In her free time, she enjoys her sailboat-live-aboard & car-free lifestyle, year-round farmers markets, the urban vintners movement, and working in her Square-Foot Garden. Follow her on twitter: @chaolyst

April 18th, 2011

In Solar’s Coming of Age, What are the Next Opportunities?

Topics: CleanTech Events, Solar

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