Cleantech Consulting

Note: I’m no longer accepting consulting work. However, if you want to chat, as always feel to reach out.

Green Light Distrikt is edited by me, Chris Williams. My expertise is in the solar PV, solar thermal, and geothermal heat pump industries. I provide two very specific and niche types of consulting to companies entering the renewable energy industry.

  1. Sales and marketing consulting for new solar and geothermal EPC companies looking to find first customers, create more referral business and improve profitability. (I’m currently consulting with Voltaic Solaire in NYC. We just completed the first 100% Solar PV powered building in Brooklyn)
  2. Customer development consulting for new B2B companies via creating products or services that focus on selling to solar PV, solar thermal or geothermal contractors.

If you’re interested in contacting me, read more details about my consulting services below.


1. Sales and Marketing Consulting for Solar and Geothermal Installation Companies

Companies I will work with:

I work with small and medium size solar PV, solar thermal and geothermal heat pump contractors that need help making initial sales, leveraging first sales to create more referral business, and streamlining their existing sales process to increase profits.

What I will do and how it will help you grow your business:

  1. Lead generation strategy - How do you find the most profitable clients?
  2. Referral strategy -  How do you use your existing projects and relationships to create get more highly qualified leads?
  3. Content Creation - I work with companies to provide website, newsletter and article copy as well as creating presentations for client workshops.
  4. Website Consulting - How do you make sure visitors turn into subscribers or site visits?

What allows me to do this:

HeatSpring is in contact with hundreds of renewable energy contractors every month and we keep up to date with the best practices of the most profitable companies.

Contact Me:

If you’re starting or expanding a clean energy EPC company and need help finding more profitable clients, feel free to contact me.

2. Customer Development Consulting For New B2B Companies

What is product and customer development? Product development is the process of creating the service or actual product, whether physical, financial, or software, that you will offer to a customer. Customer development is the process of finding the proper and BEST (most profitable) customers for your product. Customer development is critical because it will decrease prototyping costs and time to market by including your customers in the development of your new product.

Companies I will work with:

  1. I work with new companies that are building a NEW product or service that they would like to sell to geothermal heat pump, solar thermal, or solar PV installers AND need access to those customers.
  2. I will only work with B2B companies.

What Services Do I Provide and How Will it Help your Company:

  1. FAST access to beta clients. If I like your product, I can get you quick access to contractors to perform a site visit, test the product  and provide useful feedback that will allow to modify your design and create a product that the market will purchase.
  2. FAST access to distribution partners. If installers respond positively to the product, I can work with you to introduce it to the appropriate distributors – whether plumbing, electrical, heating or speciality geothermal distributors.
  3. PR and marketing assistance once the product is commercially available. I frequently write on Renewable Energy World,  Alternative Energy Stocks, Cleantechies, Climate Progress, and HeatSpring Magazine which has ~33k subscribers. If you’re product is good enough, I can write about you

How can I provide these services?

  1. Through my work at HeatSpring, I have existing and strong relationships with numerous solar and geothermal installers, distributors, and manufacturers.  These existing relationships allow me to schedule site visits and get feedback  on new products with a phone call.
  2. My role at HeatSpring and Green Light Distrikt gives me access to many blogs and media sources as a writer and has also allowed me to establish relationships with other media professionals. These relationships are extremely valuable and so they cannot be sold, but if you’re product is awesome and useful to the industry, reporters will WANT to write about it. I can help you get out the word about your new product to the correct audience.

Contact Me about Customer Development Services

First, I will not work with every product and company. I must really like your product. However, I’m open to hearing from everyone. If you have an idea for a new product or service that you would like to sell to renewable energy installers, please contact me and write “new product” in the subject line.