CleanTech Kingpins

Cleantech Kingpins is a local, regular event hosted in Boston and other US cities that brings together local experts to answer a specific question about the adoption of clean technologies.

The goal of Kingpins is to

  1. Provide a place for young, cleantech professionals to meet each other and learn from current experts.
  2. Highlight innovated companies.
  3. Share what’s happening on the front lines with the media and community.

Below see the video and posts from all previous Cleantech Kingpins events. Enjoy!

July 30th, 2010

Energy Efficiency is Sexy if You’re Wearing Carbon Goggles


I was lucky enough to have a seat at the packed GLD Cleantech Kingpins event last week at the Nexus Green Building Center.  It turned out to be a nice back-and-forth discussion about why energy efficiency isn’t catching on in the mainstream.  This discussion was appropriately timed on the day that the Senate killed the climate bill.  Although it was already on life support, its termination was still surprising for this optimist, since I am convinced a cap on carbon is the best, most straightforward, way to incentivize individuals and companies to turn around our economy. + Continue Reading

June 18th, 2010

EVENT: Energy Effiency – Why is the Low Hanging Fruit so High?


Everyone who has ever read a book on renewable energy knows that the best investment, and what should be done first is energy efficiency. Business owners know it, property owners knows it, and the state governments know it. Massachusetts is putting more then $600 million into energy efficiency in the short terms, that more then 3 TIMES the amount that will go into renewable energy incentives.

If everyone knows efficiency is the biggest bang for you buck, but if this is true then why is it not happening?

This is a question that I kept asking myself but couldn’t find an answer. So, I decided to gather a group of the smartest experts in Boston working on the issue to have them to tell me, and you too of course, the event will be public and it will take place on July 22nd at 6pm in downtown Boston at the NEXUS Green Building Resource Center.

If you’ll be in Boston on July 22nd register for Energy Efficiency – Why is the Low Hanging Fruit so High?

We have some amazing speakers that are going to be talking about what they’re working on and how we can increase the adoption of efficiency, here they are:

Alex Patriquin – Founder, CEO at Wattzy

Martin Flusberg - Founder, CEO at Powerhouse Dynamics

Lilah Glick – Director, Community Outreach at Cambridge Energy Alliance

Brenden Endicott – Senior Manager, Energy Markets at EnerNOC

Geoff Chapin – Founder, CEO at Next Step Living

I can’t wait to see you there. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, we’re going to record the event and publish it. Here is the video from our first event Clean Energy Adoption in New England.

June 1st, 2010

VIDEO: The Future or Waste-to-Power from Paul Sellew CEO Harvest Power


In April we hosted our first Clean Tech Kingpins event at the NEXUS Green Building Resource Center. The goal is to provide a place for young pros in the clean tech industry in Boston a chance to come together, re-charge, make sure we’re not all crazy, become friends and learn from today’s current experts.

Last month I posted video of Les Fritzemier speaking about the research and development work he is doing at Wakonda Technologies on solar thin film and the future of building integrated solar technologies.

Now, I’d like to share with you Paul Sellew’s presentation on the future of organic, waste to power solutions. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in watching all of the presentations right now, go to Clean Tech Kingpins: Clean Energy Adoption in New England.

Coming up in July, September, and then November our next three events will be (in no particular order as we’re still finalizing the details and speakers)

1) CSR: Moving the Mammoths

2) Energy Efficiency: Why is the low-hanging fruit so high?

3) Media: How to we convert non-believers and move the converted into meaningful action?

Also, if you have any feedback on how we could improve the event, please share.


May 11th, 2010

VIDEO: The Future of Building Integrated Solar PV: CEO of Wakonda Technologies


Last month on April 20th, we hosted our first Clean Tech Kingpins events at the NEXUS Green Building Resource Center in downtown Boston.

It was a huge success! We had about 40 people, I met with some amazing people working on really innovative project. We saw 4 presentations from true leaders in the industry and a great question and answer sessions after the presentation.

Two pieces of good news. First, we caught it all on tape and I’ll be releasing each presentation with an overview of what was discussed starting today. Second, we’re going to make Clean Tech Kingpins a regular bi-monthly event that will serve as a place for young clean tech pros to recharge, find inspiration, connect with and becomes friends with their peers, and learn from current industry experts. So stay tuned!

Here’s who we had speak, and the order I’ll be writing about each discussion:

  • Jon Abe VP of Business Development Nexamp

Without further adieu, here is Les’s discussion on the current solar PV market, their opportunity, business model, and the future of building integrated solar PV. Enjoy!